V3-series… The new and revolutionary miniature holders & grips


 All the products you possibly know through the ks campaign are now available… click on the banner to order!

During the past two years we enhanced the Miniature Holders and extended our product lineup according to your feedback. 
Rathcore and PK-PRO presents the revolutionary V3Series Miniature Holder System.
A smart holder system for painting and sculpting tabletop and board game miniatures – touchless, comfortable and much more precise.Full of pleasure we want to announce our upcoming…“Holders & Grips” Kickstarter Campaign for September 2nd 2016.
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The V3 Series Miniature Holder System is comprised of Holders, Grips, and Adapters to provide painters and sculptors of all levels of expertise with a unique aid for their painting or sculpting arsenal. The V3 Series Miniature Holder System offers a comfortable, touchless, and precision application for miniatures, sculpts, and flat figures up to 90 mm (3.5”) and miniature busts up to 1/9 scale. The V3-series is 100% combinable. Various combination options will make sure, you`ll be prepared for every situation.
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 Nice greetings,Stephan „derwish“ Rath


My name is Stephan Rath, I was born 35 years ago in Germany’s Black Forrest. I am a dental technician and expert in paper technology and work in the paper industry for over 10 years now.


For me the miniatures hobby started in 2005, when I stood in front of a wall of fantasy miniatures in a toy store. I was overwhelmed with the Details these miniatures showed. On that day I bought everything I needed to start painting. I was obsessed with miniatures and the opportunities of free artistic expression they offered me. Until 2006 I was able to improve my skill quite a bit which got me my first Slayer Sword at GD Germany. Slayer Swords number two and three followed in 2008 and 2009, respectively, on top of many trophies from other events. In 2012 I started my own small bussiness „rathcore“ to offer painting commissions and workshops.